Oven Cleaning

Everyone who hasoven-cleaning ever tried to clean an oven on their own knows that it is a really challenging task, especially if you don’t have the right cleaning detergents and the free time required for achieving the desired cleanliness.

You can get your issue quickly solved provided that you get in touch with us and arrange our experienced cleaners to provide you with an oven cleaning service at a day and time that best fits your availability.

The grease that accumulates every time you cook can cause you a lot of troubles and even spoil your food. It is a well known fact that the leftovers and the unpleasant smells can be easily transferred to your meal so removing them as soon as possible is recommended. Entrust us and we are positive that your appliance will look great after our professional interference. In addition, the benefits that go together with the oven cleaning service are too many to be counted.

Kitchen Cleaning Price
Single Oven Cleaning £50 £45
Double Oven Cleaning £65 £60
Extractor Cleaning £17 £15
Fridge Cleaning £65 £60
Cleaning Services Price
Domestic Cleaning – Regular £13 £12
Domestic Cleaning – One Off £14 £13
Upholstery Cleaning – Armchair £20 £18
Carpet Cleaning – Bedroom £22 £20


Here are some of the features we are famous for:

  • we provide mess – free oven cleaning services
  • we use eco – friendly cleaning supplies
  • our cleaning technicians are certified and motivated
  • our customers can rely on customer support round the clock

Unlike all the other kitchen appliances, the oven cleaning poses a huge challenge to everyone. However, the cleaning experts we employ are equipped with the right detergents and extra motivation for achieving outstanding results.

They knowoven-cleaning2 how to treat your appliance without causing any damages and make it as shiny as it was in the day you bought it. The mess is kept to the minimum as well as the price rates, which are acceptable to everyone even if they have a limited budget.

Your convenience is our top priority and Tenancy Cleaning Price are wiling to accommodate any request, concerning availability. The oven cleaning service will take place whenever you wish. All the dirt and odours will be completely eliminated in the blink of an eye. Contact us now and ask our call centre supporters for additional information.

They are available round the clock, ready to answer all your questions and lead you through the simplified booking procedure in a relaxed and friendly manner. Stop worrying about the quality of your food and the bad smells it can absorb because this problem won’t exist once our cleaning experts leave your premises.

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