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Tenancy CleanerBefore you leave your rented apartment, landlords expect you to provide a thorough clean of the premises. If you don’t, they refuse to give you back your deposit. Our cleaning company is occupied with end of tenancy. This means if you are experiencing such a problem with your landlords, you can contact us. Even if you aren’t, you can still hire us to clean the place so that you save yourself further trouble.

Now when it comes to our services, they are the finest. Our technicians work with extreme caution and attention to detail. They are very careful not to break anything and make sure they leave the place in much better condition that it ever was.

End Of Tenancy CleaningPrice
Studio £94
1 Bed Flat £133
2 Bed Flat £154
3 Bed Flat £177
Cleaning ServicesPrice
Domestic Cleaning - Regular £12
Domestic Cleaning - One Off £13
Upholstery Cleaning - Armchair £18
Carpet Cleaning - Bedroom £20

Tenancy Cleaning Prices have a variety of facilities to make the cleaning process more efficient and easier. For example, we use high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning products which help clean with less effort and energy. Besides, they are non-harmful. To get a better idea of the importance of all-natural products, simply imagine how hazardous industrial cleaners are. Think about standard cleaning solutions that are loaded with a cocktail of chemicals. Most of them have short- and some of them even long-term effects on your health. This is unjustified and risky.

To make our cleaning process safe and healthy, we decided to choose all-natural products. This way we ensure that the environment in the premises is safe for current and future tenants. We are really proud of our choice and we have never been sorry we started using biodegradable solutions.

Check out what we do:

  • Clean every room
  • Dust, mop, vacuum
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Remove stains
  • Cover hard-to-reach places
  • Sanitise the premises

Domestic CleaningAnother benefit of using our services is our guarantee. Yes, we provide a 48-hour guarantee, which means if you are not completely satisfied with the way our operatives did the job, you can claim a re-clean within this period. After a re-visit and examination of the property by us, we will re-clean the disputed areas for free.

So what does our end of tenancy service include? Basically, we clean the entire premises in a way that is efficient, safe, professional and cost-effective. Wondering how this is possible? The truth is, we have been in this business long enough to know what attracts customers and what sends them away. We know that in order to be really successful we need to offer the best services, but they have to be also affordable otherwise no one will want to hire us. So, here we are. Experienced, friendly, motivated. And we provide a from-top-to-bottom clean of the property. So if you ever happen to need an end of tenancy cleaning service, do not hesitate to contact us.

Find Affordable End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

We can arrange a clean any day or time of the week because we have extended working hours. So to say, we are available all the time for you, even during weekends and bank days. If you call us, our friendly telephone staff will recommend you a service. They can give you more details about our terms and conditions and the way we process a cleaning project. We promise you won’t be sorry you called.

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